So nice, but...

My brother got me a new mouse since my old one was ancient and dying... but this new one has no 4th mouse button! OH NOES WHAT WILL I DO! XD
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Meeting Ayu story~

I never posted about it!

Okay, so here's my overly dramatic story about meeting Ayumi Hamasaki, the most amazing woman evar. It's full of drama, disappointment and triumph! I'm posting it public, even though I don't really wanna, since lots of people who aren't on LJ want to know about it, AHS people are so nice =3

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fruits of her labor

Ayu's title song from her new album "Love songs" leaked today. This is one of the songs she wrote and recorded in LA, and there's also a music video to go along with it that has her new boyfriend who is the reason she didn't meet with fans the night I went up to LA the same actor from her "Virgin Road" video. It's really good!! I'm really surprised. The first time I listened to it I was a bit confused because it's not like any song she's ever done... but that's why it's so good. It's not a ballad at all, and isn't a cheesy love song. Strange name, but wonderful song *o*

PS: I'm not really looking forward to Tuesday. Nothing in Cataclysim is running well on my computer. Have to get to 85 though... I want to do a long fight to see how Evangelism + Archangel works in a real encounter, Heroics are too short. XP